Hellevator 2 to be Scarier than the First Season, Additional Changes Introduced Along With New Themes!

Apart from the seven deadly sins, “true crimes” are also going to be part of this season and the Soski sisters were very much eager in announcing the changes. They claimed that the first season was theatrical but the second season is going to be a lot cinematic in comparison.

The second season is set to include real crime places and the contestants can take some considerations about the same. The Cecil Hotel, which is one of the famous haunted places in LA is going to be the set for the second season.

They further said that they are also going to be very heavily involved in the teaming process and are set to collaborate with the contestants. The Soski sisters are the ones who are going to decide on the challenges and are going to make the impossible happen.

This season is not just going to be a lot scarier but the screams are going to go a pitch higher if the spoilers are to be believed. The second season has started on October 07, 2016 and has left the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Have you started watching the show? How do you like it so far? Does the second season seem scarier than the first one? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay hooked for more news and updates from the world of entertainment.

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