Shades of Blue Season 2 Real-Life Gun Firing Turns Filming Set into Complete Chaos; Cast and Production Staff Unhurt

Filming for Season 2 of the American crime drama TV series “Shades of Blue” on NBC is about to draw to a close when a real-life intrusion and gun-firing incident last week reportedly turned the set into a complete chaos. But no one from the cast members and production staff was hurt from the incident.

The big stars of the show, namely Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, were also not around during the occurrence at Brooklyn as they seemed to have already filmed their scenes when the incident happened.

According to reports, some people intruded and interrupted the location of the shoot of “Shades of Blue” on October 12 at Bedford-Stuyvesant area where shots were apparently fired that turned the place into a complete chaos, reports Movie News Guide.

Jennifer Lopez has apparently left the set for the day but recurring guest actress Kathryn Kates was still there. She was accompanied by her two female personal assistants. The two PAs were reportedly banging the door of her trailer as culprits continue to chase them.

But there are also reports saying that the incident was blown out of proportion because there was no official report about it at all to the police.

In fact, according to New York Police Department Lt. Thomas Antonetti, they have not received any 911 call or any confirmed reports of shooting in the location where “Shades of Blue” is filming its second season.

Kathryn Kates was in the location shoot alright but she seems to have no knowledge of the incident at all. She said that she was called on the set at around four in the afternoon and she just prepared there to take on her character as Mrs. Saperstein. She also said that she worked until 11 pm with her co-star Warren Kole at that time because Jennifer Lopez already left for the day.

It was not clear whether the incident really happened or not or whether Kates arrived after it already happened. But the good thing is no one seems to be hurt at all so some opine that it may just be some kind of a prank being pulled on some people on the set.

Provided him the big break on TV

“Shades of Blue” creator Adi Hasak is happy that after developing “Shades of Blue” for NBC, he is now working on another series entitled “Eyewitness” for the USA network, which just debuted on October 16.

Hasak is born in The Netherlands as a son of Russian Jews from New York. He served in the Israeli Army and worked as a journalist before moving on to screenwriting.

He said that his personal experiences around the world have led him to develop the plotline for “Eyewitness” and considers “Shades of Blue” as the biggest break he was waiting for on television, reports Deadline.

He said that he pretty much phased himself out of “Shades of Blue” and started working full-time on “Eyewitness.” He said that he was in the room when they broke down the 13 episodes for “Shades of Blue” Season 2. After the third episode, he left to become the showrunner for “Eyewitness” where he wrote all its 10 episodes for its debut season.

He feels that “Shades of Blue” does not need him because it has a pool of good writers and a big international star in Jennifer Lopez. But “Eyewitness” needs him more because it is merely relying on its storyline to make sure that it gets warmly received by its target audience.

Something frightening will be coming

“Shades of Blue” has some elements of surprise and thriller to it but certainly not horror. But triple threat celebrity Jennifer Lopez, who plays the lead character Harlee Santos in the TV series, seemed to have teased that something frightening will be coming to his character in the upcoming second season of “Shades of Blue” when it officially returns to NBC on February 5 next year.


J-Lo posted a close-up photo of herself as Harlee Santos on Instagram on October 6 where she looks extremely frightened. The photo shows herself with her eyes wide open and messed up hair. She captioned the photo by saying that something is coming and her fans and followers should guess what it is going to be.

But she also added in the caption that her tease is about “Shades of Blue” Season 2 and also adding a hashtag #justwait as if saying that fans would know the answer when the second season of her TV series premieres on NBC early next year.

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