GTA 6 to Feature VR Technology! Speculated Budget of $500 Million Estimated for the Development!

GTA or otherwise known as Grand Theft Auto is something that every video game lover is familiar with, even if they haven’t actually played the game. The game mainly focuses on the action adventure missions that are achieved through racing, stealth and even role-playing. The sixth installation of the series has been announced to be released soon and the gamers can’t wait any longer.

While the rumors about the release of the sixth season created a rave, the excitement died down when the developer Rockstar Games decided to delay the development of the game. Not just that, the definitive delay has been something that has no specific end to it and the players are not at happy about it.

There have been rumors that the developers are going to need an obscene amount of $500 million for developing the game. While the amount might seem unnecessary, it is definitely required because they are going to introduce VR support in the sixth installation of the game.

The GTA V did cost around $250 million for the development and thus the introduction of VR is what is going to increase the rate of the GTA VI development. The estimated revenue for the sixth installation is around $1 billion which is not bad at all.

With hype in the VR technology, it looks like an addition to the GTA VI might end up being one of the best decisions on the developer’s part even with the delay. If the game is released around 2018, it definitely looks like there are chances that the VR technology is going to be more refined and thus better sales.

When the developer Rockstar Games was contacted about the reason behind the possible delay, they claimed that the main reason is because they are still focusing on the fifth installation of the series. Recent speculations have proven their words to be completely untrue and look like there is definitely more to what we see.

The addition of the Virtual Reality and the augmented reality are the two basic reasons for the delay of the game. Given the fact that these two technologies cost a lot of money to perfect the job at hand, it definitely looks like there is a lot at stake this time.

And just like the fifth installation garnered around $800 just within 24 hours of its release, the expectations from the sixth installation is no less. With the advanced technological addition, the GTA 6 is set to witness an even better success than the fifth part of the series. The players and the avid gamers are hyped about the additional features.

GTA VI is expected to yield a lot in order to compensate the obscene amount of money that is being spent on its development. If the rumored release date of 2018 is to be considered, then it looks like the refined technology and the growing fan base of the game series is going to have a positive impact on the sales.

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Apart from the hype about the addition of the VR technology in the sixth part, yet another important factor to keep into consideration is the setting of the game. There have been a lot of rumors regarding the location setting of the game.

Some believe it to be London because the people who are involved in the development of the game are British. Others think that the game might be located around Tokyo but the entire things still remain in a bit of haze without any confirmation.

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