‘Half-Life 3’ Production May Involve Director JJ Abrams, Latest Rumors Say!

The writer said that he still considers Valve as his second home because he has worked for the company for 18 years. He disclosed that he came to a decision to retire because he felt that he needed to take a break from the chaotic environment of game production. He also said that he will pursue self-directed writing projects.

A few weeks after the departure of Laidlaw from Valve, it was the turn of Doug Wood to bid farewell and say goodbye to the company, reinforcing notions that “Half-Life 3” has already been cancelled.

While most fans and gamers of “Half-Life 3” are still hoping that the much-anticipated video game would soon be released, they can actually turn their attention to the ongoing production of the “Half-Life” film adaptation

The movie was initially floated way back in 2013. But with the news about the involvement of JJ Abrams in the development of “Half-Life 3,” it is very likely that the director shall also be involved in the making of the “Half-Life” movie.

Anxious and anticipating gamers of “Half-Life 3” should be happy to know that while the game is rumored to come out on the gaming consoles in 2018, “Half-Life” the movie will possibly come out ahead and that would surely quench their thirst for the game and boost the promotions for it as well.

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