‘Half-Life 3’ Production May Involve Director JJ Abrams, Latest Rumors Say!

The third installment to the survival first-person shooter video game franchise “Half-Life,” has been one-half of the highly-anticipated games expected from the end of American game developer Valve Corporation; with the other half being the multiplayer zombie shooter video game “Left 4 Dead 3.”

While reports have been saying that the priority of the game developer is its online multiplayer video games playable on its Steam platform because they are more profitable, speculations about “Half-Life 3” just don’t die down, indicating that something is up with the development of the game.

As it is, the reports are also consistent in saying that “Left 4 Dead 3” shall come out ahead of “Half-Life 3.” In fact, rumors are rife in stating that “Left 4 Dead 3” might hit the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the PC next year which shall be followed by “Half-Life 3” in 2018.

However, these release dates remain as speculations pending the confirmation or denial from Valve Corporation.

Incidentally, latest reports about “Half-Life 3” are saying that Director JJ Abrams, who helmed “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the third highest-grossing movie in the world of all time, shall be involved in the development of the first-person shooter video game, reports the University Herald.

The news, even though it just came off the rumor mills, is more than enough to excite the anticipating gamers of “Half-Life 3.” After all, they have been waiting for the game since 2004, immediately after the release of “Half-Life 2” on the gaming consoles and the PC.

The inputs of JJ Abrams to the game, assuming the rumors are true, would surely make “Half-Life 3” an excellent video game that would contribute to a better gaming experience.

Switching to VR platform

There are also reports saying that “Half-Life 3” might already come out in 2018 not in the gaming consoles and the PC but in the VR platform which would redound to a great gaming experience for gamers.

Valve is said to be involved as well in the HTC Vive VR headset, which was launched early this year during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, and reports have it that the developer is looking at utilizing the platform in some of its games on Steam, which it also owns, details the Vine Report.

The VR technology would surely make “Half-Life 3” a cut above the rest of the present and upcoming roster of first-person shooter video games in the market, most critics say.

So it is likely that Valve is leaving no stones unturned in ensuring that “Half-Life 3” comes out remarkably well but also profitable for the company.

Cancellation rumors still proliferate

Valve Corporation has yet to say anything official about “Half-Life 3” so fans and gamers have to content themselves with picking up rumors and speculations on the internet as far as possible updates to the game.

Amid rumors of its impending release, there are also reports saying that the game has already been cancelled by Valve Corporation for good.

The cancellation rumors began when series writer Marc Laidlaw decided to quit the development of the next video game of the franchise as well as the retirement of animator Doug Wood.

Half-Life 3

In a recent interview following his departure from the franchise, Laidlaw confirmed that he had officially retired from Valve and as such, he was no longer privy to any new developments. He added that he no longer speaks for Valve.

Laidlaw added that it would be inappropriate for him to answer questions or speculate openly regarding the fate of the franchise. But he is confident nonetheless that assuming Valve Corporation pushes through with the development of “Half-Life 3,” the game would really come out well.

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