‘Boom Beach’ Gamers Can Use Diamonds to Speed Up Building, Troop Training, or Acquiring Resources!

Finnish game developer Supercell has given gamers of its freemium mobile strategy video game “Boom Beach” an option to prepare better as they move forward in overtaking islands after islands, which is the objective of the game.

While gamers play the game, they occasionally pick up diamonds along the way. Apparently, the diamonds are not tantamount to XPs or in-game cash but gamers can use it to speed up or upgrade building structures, hasten troop training, or simply acquire resources that they can’t purchase because it is very costly and requires some amount of in-game cash.

However, experts suggest that players should use their diamonds well in the game or in later stages where they would surely come in handy, notes the game’s blog called as Boom Beach Strategy.

The site explained that there are two purposes for using diamonds including the speeding up of building or paying for resources that the gamers do not currently own when they are building.

But they should save their diamonds for some important scenarios in “Boom Beach” including finishing a building or upgrading it as well as paying for resources that are very difficult to obtain.

The same holds true when gamers finally unlock HQ 6 where they will have no structure to generate stone until HQ 7. So if they use their diamonds to upgrade from HQ 6 to HQ 7, it would also be a great way for them to obtain stone. The same scenario applies when upgrading from level HQ 9 to HQ 10, this time, to obtain iron.

That being said, diamonds can be used to fill for stone shortage when upgrading from HQ 6 to HQ 7 and the iron shortage when upgrading from HQ 9 to HQ 10.

In fact, the Twitter handle of “Boom Beach” is also encouraging gamers to improve their diamond count in the game which would surely come in handy for them at later stages of the game.

Getting more preference than ‘Clash of Clans’

Supercell would be both happy and sad to know that “Boom Beach” is now getting gamer preference over its other mobile strategy game “Clash of Clans.”

The shift started in March when “Boom Beach” got its updates on March 11 that was greeted by its gamers with great excitement.

Eventually, the disastrous March updates came to “Clash of Clans” that had the majority of the CoC community complaining about it almost ceaselessly.

The “Boom Beach” March updates brought a lot of new stuff improvements and bug fixes but the key highlights are the Level 22 Headquarters and the Armory Level, which already allowed gamers for new upgrades to troops.

In addition, the Armory Level also has Gunboat abilities, which seems to be delighting gamers to no end.

But there are still other new features that came with the updates including Supply Chests which now contain rewards based on the gamer rank, which can be claimed after he or she gains five victory points, with new points being earned every 24 hours. So the higher-rank players, the better rewards would come to them.

There is also the Statue Storage which is where gamers can place their statues but they won’t be able to store them once it is placed.

Fun is no longer there

In contrast, the March updates on “Clash of Clans,” generated a host of problems and complaints from gamers.

The “Clash of Clans” March updates added a Dark Elixir troop called Bowlers as well as new levels for Inferno Towers, Mortars, Hog Riders, Valkyries, and Goblins. But the players were up in arms on the game’s new war matching systems.

boom beach

The latest tweak on “CoC” also changed the graphics of the matchmaking system as well as some of the air defense building units. In contrast, “Boom Beach” players got to have another Megacrab and Dr. T in-game events that were bundled with the latest updates to the game.

In a post on the “Boom Beach” subreddit, one gamer explained why he prefers “Boom Beach” over “Clash of Clans.” He said that he started playing “Clash of Clans” as his first Supercell game.

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