‘Narcos’ Season 2 Will Be More Character Driven Compared to the Premiere Season, Says Showrunner!

Showrunner Eric Newman of the American crime drama TV series “Narcos” on Netflix says that the upcoming second season of the hit show shall be more character driven.

In a recent interview, Newman said that the first season of “Narcos” was all about information and the location. The show wanted to tell viewers about the drug trade world.

Since the show is already in that particular world, Season 2 would spend more time with the people in the world and the characters in it. He also shared that unlike Season 1, there will be less voice over in the upcoming second season of “Narcos,” notes Movieweb.

Newman said that he and co-showrunner Jose Padilha will maintain control of the show despite reports that the TV series is already looking for a replacement executive producer after Chris Brancato left.

He said that they had a great writing partner at the beginning of Season 1 of “Narcos” who did what they had hoped he would do.

Newman further explained that “Narcos” has evolved to become what they really wanted it to be and very much takes into consideration what they felt worked last season.

The showrunner said that there are still areas where they wanted to improve in terms of production but basically he is happy that “Narcos” came out as very much the show they want.

Possible airing date

While Netflix has not confirmed yet the release date for Season 2 of “Narcos,” reports are rife that it would come out in August this year, which would mean that it would be released 11 months after Season 1 was released in September last year.

In addition, the TV series will be having several changes both in front and behind the camera. But the main man of the show, Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar in the TV series, shall still be around in Season 2 of “Narcos.”

However, the second season of “Narcos” might also be the last for the Brazilian actor since the death of the Medellin drug kingpin shall also be chronicled in Season 2.

If given the choice, the showrunners certainly would love to see Pablo Escobar being around the TV series far longer since he has practically lifted the show during its debut season. And many viewers are concerned that when he is no longer in the show, “Narcos” might eventually lose steam.

Newman said that if they could only find a way to keep Wagner on the show, they would do it. However, it does not seem feasible already since it is almost sure that his character would die in Season 2.

The showrunner pointed out that the design of the show is that they told 15 years of history in Season 1 in the life of Pablo Escobar, which means that Season 2 shall only detail the 18 months on the life of the drug cartel leader from the time he escaped La Catedral prison in the summer of 1992 up to his death in Medellin late in 1993.

Newman said that the death of Pablo Escobar is already in the storyline of “Narcos” and they can no longer change that, notes the Christian Today.

In a delicate stage

Critics believe that the storyline of “Narcos” is at a delicate stage since Season 1 has just been completed and covered a significant part of Pablo Escobar’s story.


Based on the Season 1 finale, Season 2 would have a very limited time to focus on Escobar’s escape from La Catedral in 1992 to his death in Medellin in 1993. Filming for “Narcos” is now ongoing in Bogota, Colombia.

Season 1 of “Narcos” spanned more than a decade in telling the story of Escobar with years sometimes passing between chronological episodes.

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