‘Boom Beach’ Gamers Can Use Diamonds to Speed Up Building, Troop Training, or Acquiring Resources!

He explained that he still plays the game but the fun is no longer there because the March updates in “Clash of Clans” is so slow. In stark contrast, “Boom Beach” has a much harder entry.

Pushing VPs too much early can surely get the gamer into trouble. However, it can be fixed by the player once he notices it and eventually he will come out of it quite fine.

The March updates to “Boom Beach” also brought a lot of improvements including Gearheart now allowing for five attacks instead of the previous three, the Hammerman Attacks will now reward intel, there is now a short delay added after gamer troops have died to be able to use gunboat abilities, headquarters experience requirements re-adjusted, and several more.

The updates likewise came up with fixes particularly in base note errors in operations, fixes the rare issue when exploding the Scorcher would destroy the headquarters without ending the battle, overlapping graphics for defenses, event dialogues, and several more.

Some three days before the March updates to “Boom Beach” went live, there have been reports that went around saying that the updates were pushed back due to issues.

However, giving a timeline and not being able to meet the deadline is not Supercell’s cup of tea so it went with the release of the updates as planned and scheduled.

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