GTA 5 Online Modding Might Be Questionable, but Single Player Mods Are Fine According to Rockstar!

Meanwhile, the situation with multiplayer mods remains more difficult, and it’s still not clear what types of mods are actually allowed and what players should refrain from using. FOV mods seem to be out of the question right now, as Rockstar apparently don’t want to allow players to gain an advantage by getting extra visibility in online matches.

At the same time, there are some types of multiplayer mods that could just make the game more fun without giving players any kind of advantage over others, so it would be nice if Rockstar allowed those to stay. It could be a bit difficult for the studio to sort out through all types of mods like that though.

Recently, Valve have allowed third party companies to issue bans on their Steam platform as well, at least for their own respective games. With that in mind, “GTA 5” players should be particularly careful not to get flagged, as a ban in the game would now show up publicly on their accounts with the new system.

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