Could the Oculus Rift Support PlayStation 4 Games? Let’s See

There has been significant discussion regarding the Oculus Rift lately, as the device’s launch is expected to have a great impact on the market for video games as a whole, and potentially even in other areas of entertainment and home media. And while it’s a device primarily aimed at computer users right now, it also has huge potential if used with gaming consoles, although nothing has been said on that front officially so far.

The only thing we’ve heard until now is a confirmation by an executive at the company who expressed confidence that the device could easily work with gaming consoles, and he also added that the company has already discussed the situation with both Sony and Microsoft. And while he didn’t go into more details, fans immediately started to speculate about what his statement could have meant.

It should be noted that the mere fact that the companies have been talking doesn’t mean much, and shouldn’t be seen as an indication that something could be coming up. As some have pointed out, major tech companies are always in talks between each other for all sorts of things, and in the case of Oculus in particular, the device is now a product of Facebook so it shouldn’t be that surprising that there are discussions between the companies going on in the background.

Which platform would be more suitable for the device though? According to some, the PlayStation 4 would be the ideal first platform for an Oculus launch on consoles, one of the reasons being that the console has already seen its own solution for VR developed specifically for it. So Sony already have some experience with VR games on the PS4, and it shouldn’t take a lot of effort for them to add some proper support for the Oculus Rift.

Indeed, Sony themselves seem open towards the idea of integrating the Oculus Rift with their console, as they have previously said that they don’t see the Rift as competition to their own products, but rather as an ally and something that could help them make their console even more popular. In the end, it really could play out like a mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies, especially if both of them play their cards right.

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Some have also pointed out that the devices both companies are making aren’t that different in the first place, and that could already lay a good foundation for interoperability. Any changes should be easy enough to sort out, and if that happens, the community of gamers as a whole is going to benefit, while the market is going to expand in interesting new directions.

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