‘Gran Turismo 7’ will be Running Naturally on the PS4 Compared to PS3, Cites Game Creator!

Game developer Polyphony Digital has confirmed that “Gran Turismo Sport” is a totally different game from “Gran Turismo 7.” The former will likely be released towards the end of this year after its beta version is released this spring. “Gran Turismo 7” will possibly come out either next year or in 2018. But both car racing games will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

One gamer even shared on the forum on PSN Profiles that the upcoming “Gran Turismo Sport” and the “Gran Turismo 7” are the main reasons why he decided to want and eventually bought a PlayStation 4.

He said that he is not a hardcore gamer and in fact, even skipped “Gran Turismo 6” on the PlayStation 3, but given the reported great features of “Gran Turismo Sport” and possibly “Gran Turismo 7,” he thought it best to purchase a PlayStation 4 and be ready for the release of those two upcoming car racing video games.

In addition to being the most accurate driving experience on any console, “Gran Turismo 7” and the upcoming “Gran Turismo Sport” will feature improved engine noise and graphics.

It shall also feature a new physics engine which makes the game even closer to real life. It shall also have a better audio compared to its predecessor, the “Gran Turismo 6,” because Polyphony Digital has picked up a key member of the “Forza” audio team specifically for that.

The great sound is needed to match the excellent graphics of “Gran Turismo 7” especially considering that the game is to take on the best car racing video games there is on the market.

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