‘Arrow’ Season 4 Episode 19 to Confirm Whether the Black Canary is Gone for Good or Not!

Episode 18 of Season 4 of the American superhero drama TV series “Arrow” on The CW that aired on April 13 gave fans another emotional crisis as Laurel Lance, also known as the Black Canary, played by Katie Cassidy, was killed by Damien Darhk, played by Neal Mcdonough.

While many fans of the show were disappointed that a fan-favorite character of Team Arrow and the show per se has been killed off, some critics believe that everyone has not seen the last of Laurel Lance / Black Canary on “Arrow.”

“Arrow” is one TV series which likes bringing people back from the dead and critics believe that Laurel Lance is not going to be an exception. It can be recalled that during Season 1 of “Arrow,” Laurel’s sister Sarah, played by Caity Lotz died on the yacht containing Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, and his father. Subsequently, Sarah came back in Season 2 of “Arrow” as the original Black Canary.

The same is true with the series’ perennial villain in Malcolm Merlyn, played by John Barrowman. He was already killed at the end of Season 1 but managed to come back the following season behind the shadows first before coming out in the open.

In the current fourth season, Malcom Merlyn went from being Ra’s Al Ghul to being an accomplice of Damien Darhk. He was a nemesis of the Green Arrow at first, then became his friend because Oliver is a half-brother to Thea Queen, played by Willa Holland. Lately, Merlyn once again became a villain in “Arrow” Season 4.

Will still be around to say goodbye

In a recent interview, actress Katie Cassidy revealed that she will still be in episode 19 of “Arrow” which would air on April 27.

However, she said that her appearance in the upcoming episode would mostly be in the form of flashbacks. She also mentioned that she needed to appear one last episode to say her goodbye to the members of Team Arrow and also to her father Captain Lance of the Star City Police Department, notes Melty.

The actress added that the upcoming episode is emotionally interesting because there will be a scene where she will be in the hospital and she will be saying goodbye to the team.

She said that she never wanted to do the filming because she does not want to say goodbye to her character on “Arrow” but she says her acting was credible because she really does not want to let go.

Critics believe that Laurel Lance would be back on the series before fans can express their total disgust and the show’s executive producers know that too. For a show whose ratings is not as good as during its first two seasons, tinkering with a proven casting formula might spell disaster which they would rather not foray into.

Minus one, plus one

Meanwhile, there are reports going around that with the impending departure of Laurel Lance / the Black Canary, Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Rickards, may possibly return to Team Arrow, reports the Christian Post.

Arrow Season 4

It was actually showrunner Marc Guggenheim who hinted at the possibility when he recently said that the loss of Laurel may get Felicity into rethinking of her two recent decisions, which is stepping away from Team Arrow and breaking up with Oliver.

Guggenheim revealed that Felicity will be undoing one of those two recent decisions and the bet is that she is going to go back to Team Arrow. However, fans are already projecting so much more as most are saying that once Felicity returns to Team Arrow, her rekindling of romance with Oliver will follow shortly.

However, executive producer Wendy Mericle warned speculating viewers that Felicity’s return to the team does not necessarily guarantee that she is going to get back with Oliver. She cited that one does not mean that the other is going to happen.

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