‘Gran Turismo 7’ Promises to Raise its Game Further Given the Strong Competition!

Sony also made it clear that “Gran Turismo Sport” is an entirely different game from “Gran Turismo 7” although it alluded that the upcoming game would be a good thirst-quencher for the anticipating fans of the seventh installment of the “Gran Turismo” video game franchise.

Jim Ryan described “Gran Turismo Sport” as packing some content, which was not possible with the games back in the old days, which were only limited to what was available on the disc.

For a while, fans of “Gran Turismo 7” were expecting that the game will finally be released this year based on the hints of Kazunori Yamauchi who said previously that the upcoming game will feature more premium cars that shall represent modern day racing.

Yamauchi mentioned that those premium cars will represent the 2015 and 2016 era. So if game developer Polyphony Digital will release the game in 2017, then the premium cars of 2015 and 2016 shall no longer represent modern-day racing. Anything beyond 2017 would make the so-called premium cars of modern day racing already antiquated.

However, there is a chance that “Gran Turismo 7” could be released earlier than 2017 as reports have it that Polyphony Digital has already announced the launching date for the beta of the game sometime this year.

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