‘Gran Turismo 7’ Promises to Raise its Game Further Given the Strong Competition!

While developer Polyphony Digital has yet to announce the release date for its upcoming car racing video game “Gran Turismo 7” exclusively on the PlayStation 4, the company has already made public that it will release the beta of “Gran Turismo Sport” in the spring of this year.

This means that the full version of “Gran Turismo Sport” could be released later this year or at the latest, early next year. With that being said, it is very unlikely for “Gran Turismo 7” to be released this year as the earliest it could come out will be next year.

The delay in the release of “Gran Turismo 7” may also be a strategy on the part of Polyphony Digital because it wants to raise its game further given the emergence of strong competition from among the latest crop of next-generation racing video games.

If and when it comes out next year, “Gran Turismo 7” will actually be going up against the latest iteration of car racing video games including the Xbox-exclusive “Forza Motorsport 6,” “Project Cars,” “Need for Speed,” “Driveclub,” “Assetto Corsa,” among others.

The real driving simulator

“Gran Turismo 7” promises to hold on to the mantle as the real driving simulator to provide gamers with the most accurate driving experience.

It shall feature improved engine noise and graphics, which when combined with a new physics engine, it would be as close as gamers can get to real-life racing.

“Gran Turismo 7” shall feature amazing additions to the virtual car racing experience by taking realism to crazy heights like cars getting damaged by dirt scratches and the weather being able to put a strain on the cars. In addition, the car’s engine can actually be recorded on the gamer’s profile, points out WebCheerz.

Reports also have it that the next “Gran Turismo” game should come with a range of assists for Sunday drivers, offering everything from Stability Assist or ABS and racing lines to make driving more accessible. But like most racing games, “Gran Turismo 7’ will be enhanced using a wheel with no assist.

But before gamers get a piece of “Gran Turismo 7,” they will have the opportunity to play “Gran Turismo Sport” this year which critics describe as a prologue to the seventh instalment of the car racing video game franchise.

However, according to publisher Sony Computer Entertainment, “Gran Turismo Sport” is actually a full-feature installment of the franchise and not a prologue or prelude to “Gran Turismo 7,” notes Alphr.

Within the game’s projected timeline

Although series director Kazunori Yamauchi has been known for being late in releasing the previous games of the franchise, Sony remains confident that “Gran Turismo 7” will come out within its own timeline.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, believes that Yamauchi would deliver on his promise as the Japanese developer has been working on “Gran Turismo 7” for a while already ever since the release of the “Gran Turismo 6.”

Ryan also confirmed that “Gran Turismo Sport” is not a prologue of “Gran Turismo 7,” explaining that the first game can further be expanded with the possible addition of a DLC.

He said a DLC was not possible in previously released prologue games of the franchise for “Gran Turismo 4” and “Gran Turismo 5.”

gran turismo 7

Ryan also said that when “Gran Turismo 7” becomes more of an online connected experience, its distinction with “Gran Turismo Sport” will blur but he assured fans and gamers that the former is much more than a prologue-type experience.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced during the Paris Games Week late in October last year that it will be launching the “Gran Turismo Sport” video game exclusively on the PlayStation 4 this year, which came out as a bit of disappointment to anxious fans of “Gran Turismo 7.”

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