‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Rayna Makes a Worthy Character in Lieu of Elena and the Mikaelsons!

Fans of the American supernatural drama TV series “The Vampire Diaries” have stated in the past that the show has lost its sting when the Mikaelsons left and came up with their own spinoff TV series “The Originals” three years ago.

Then last year, after the Season 6 finale, Nina Dobrev decided that it was time for her to move on from the show as well, so along with her departure, her character Elena Gilbert was put on a very long sleep.

For a while, the early goings of the current seventh season of “The Vampire Diaries” were teetering on edges given that it has lost its key protagonist. But over time, it eventually got its bearings and groove back as Damon and Stefan Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, respectively, finally wrested control of the show that was theirs in the first place.

While Damon does not have much to show in the love department considering that he was the last to have been romantically linked with Elena Gilbert, the long-sought pairing of Stefan and Caroline, played by Candice Accola King, finally materialized in Season 7, much to the delight of ‘Steroline’ shippers.

Steroline is one of the reasons why “The Vampire Diaries” Season 7 is getting its groove back but with the flash-forwards three years into the future, viewers are already aware that Stefan and Caroline will not end up together.

A new bright spot

But it seems that the entry of vampire huntress Rayna, played by Leslie-Anne Huff, into the TV series in the current season has added a new sting to the TV series. While Leslie-Anne does look like Nina Dobrev from certain perspectives, it is actually her character Rayna that seems to keep the suspense and adrenaline going for the show, especially over the last couple of episodes.

Both fans and critics actually believe that she has become a worthy replacement for Elena although Leslie-Anne is just a guest star on “The Vampire Diaries” and her stint will likely end either during or before the Season 7 finale.

Her character on the series may be ancient and awesome but she is also a fair bit different from characters that fans and viewers have met before in “The Vampire Diaries” which makes her click on the show, notes the Den of Geek.

In fact, some critics actually want her to survive in the next few more episodes before the Salvatore brothers turn the tables on her as she is one of the new bright spots of the show.

Nina Dobrev returning?

There have been rumors going around since last month that Nina Dobrev is planning to make her return to “The Vampire Diaries” although showrunners have been denying and telling everyone that it will not happen in the current seventh season.

Dobrev’s possible return started making the rumor mills when word came out that she and her former boyfriend of seven months Austin Stowell have broken up recently, reports KpopStarz.

Previous to the split reason, speculations also indicated that Nina Dobrev is contemplating of returning to “The Vampire Diaries” since her career hardly took off when she left the show.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7

She was actually thinking that her market value has considerably increased after six seasons with “The Vampire Diaries” but since movie and TV offers hardly came by, she needed to go back to her bread-and-butter.

Co-creator Julie Plec revealed in a recent interview that Elena Gilbert could actually come back in the show, thus opening the door to the possible return of Nina Dobrev in “The Vampire Diaries.”

Plec said that there is still a chapter of Elena’s story left to be told. So it shall all depend on Nina on whatever or whenever she is willing to that story.

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