‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Rayna Makes a Worthy Character in Lieu of Elena and the Mikaelsons!

The showrunner said that Nina has always said that if there is something for her to do in the series finale, she will be there to do it. Plec disclosed that when Dobrev left, she told them that she wants to see her character to its end at the end of the show.

Plec pointed out that she can’t wait for Nina to come back as Elena Gilbert and put her to bed again.

While Plec is more acceptable to Nina’s return to the show, actor Ian Somerhalder, the former real-life boyfriend of Nina Dobrev, does not approve of the idea. In fact, there were even reports that said that Somerhalder will be quitting “The Vampire Diaries” if and when Nina Dobrev is allowed to return to the show.

Somerhalder said that he has been enjoying the freedom of “The Vampire Diaries” now that Nina Dobrev and her Elena Gilbert character is gone.

He was also quoted as saying that Damon and Elena were great characters separate, they were great characters together, and they remain great characters separated.

Ian Somerhalder has married Nicole Houston ‘Nikki’ Reed last year while Nina Dobrev has been spotted flirting with Chace Crawford, weeks after breaking up with Austin Stowell.

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