‘Gran Turismo 7’ Could Also be the Name of ‘Gran Turismo Sport,’ Says Series Creator!

He said that the idea behind the development of “Gran Turismo Sport” is to make the game a conduit for discovering cars. He explained that the game has 140 cars that have been beautifully rendered with the gamers’ driving pleasure.

In addition to the great vehicles in the game, the FIA-sanctioned international digital championships have also given the game a unique appeal to the competitive gamers of “Gran Turismo Sport.”

Apparently, the online multiplayer game shall be curated and shall put significant scoring emphasis on the racing etiquette of gamers. Good behavior in online gaming has become an important metric to be able to win in the competition as well.

The Polyphony development team believes that the strategy will keep the really hardcore players happy, the maniac bumper car players quarantined, and everyone in between racing with like-minded individuals.

In the end, only the most elite clean and quick drivers will be able to step up to the real-deal FIA championships.

“Gran Turismo Sport,” the latest addition to the car racing video game franchise “Gran Turismo,” shall have two major repercussions in the franchise in this case. Since “Gran Turismo Sport” is almost like “Gran Turismo 6.5,” the possibility of “Gran Turismo 7” coming out next year looks very remote. Unless game developer Polyphony Digital plans to just complete the customary one-year market cycle of “Gran Turismo Sport,” and make the “Gran Turismo 7” an official update to the game.

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