‘The Incredibles 2’ Latest Rumors Point to Dash as the Villain in the Movie and not Jack-Jack!

There are rather new but unsettling rumors about the sequel to the 2004 animated hit movie “The Incredibles.”

Previous reports or rumors have been fairly consistent in saying that the villain in “The Incredibles 2” is going to be Jack-Jack, the youngest child of the Parr family. However, there are now insinuations that a member of the Parr family shall indeed be the villain but it is not going to be Jack-Jack.

According to a Reddit user, who uses the name Professor_Wonder, the villain in “The Incredibles 2” is going to be Dashiel ‘Dash’ Parr, who is the second child of Bob and Helen Parr who possesses super speed, points out the Christian Times.

Professor_Wonder explained that Dash was always told to rein in his superpower even during a sports competition in school.

So while he was reminded to control himself during the first movie, an older Dash may have an even more difficult time complying with that order because teenagers are not well known for that. The Redditor cited that teenage boys are well known to act way out when they are forced to control themselves that way.

Conflicting notions on controlling his superpower

He further elaborated that Dash gets conflicting notions of how to use his superpowers from his parents. In a family that seems to be falling into a deep depression, Dash is able to generate some positive attention by doing something negative, Professor_Wonder stated.

The Redditor also added that he expects Dash to go down on a dark road at the coaxing of a mentor who is identified as the maker of the caped suits that got so many Supers killed.

The suit maker shall reportedly create a suit that empowers Dash with his father’s strength, his mother’s elasticity, and his sister’s ability to create force shields and become invisible.

Contrary to previous speculations and reports, Professor_Wonder said that it is going to be the shape-shifting Jack-Jack who is going to stop Dash from his wicked ways.

As Disney or Director Brad Bird has yet to confirm any plotline for “The Incredibles 2,” it is best to take all information with regards to the movie with a pinch of salt.

Thus far, what is confirmed is that “The Incredibles 2” shall hit theaters on June 21, 2019.

Less on superhero stuff but more on family dynamics

Just like the first film, Director Brad Bird said that “The Incredibles 2” shall have less on the superhero stuff and more on the family drama and dynamics part, notes the Christian Daily.

This line of reasoning actually gives the theory of Professor_Wonder a good leg to stand on since having one of the members of the Parr family as the main villain would make the plotline rich in family drama.
Regardless whether it is going to be either Jack-Jack or Dash who is going to be the villain in “The Incredibles 2,” what seems consistent in the rumors is that it is a Parr family member who shall be the antagonist.

As a Disney movie, the villain would only be bad for some duration in the film because it is likely that a realization will come shortly and the family will be whole again before possibly battling a bigger nemesis together.

Meanwhile, almost two months after the release to worldwide theaters on June 17 of “Finding Dory,” the long-time-coming sequel to “Finding Nemo” shown in 2003, the latest animated film from Pixar Studios has already netted $721 million.

The box-office results of “Finding Dory” is actually more than $200 million less than the results of “Finding Nemo” 13 years ago as the latter earned $936.7 million then.

the incredibles 2

Although “Finding Dory” shall have additional profits from its video releases among other stuff, it is not likely to surpass its predecessor overall.

As a result, Pixar Studios may have come to a decision to stop producing sequels to its Disney animated films. They have three more animated films in the pipeline including “Cars 3,” and “Toy Story 4,” and “The Incredibles 2.”

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