‘Gran Turismo 7’ Could Also be the Name of ‘Gran Turismo Sport,’ Says Series Creator!

The cat is now out of the bag. While previous speculations have been saying that “Gran Turismo 7” has been repackaged and set to be release as “Gran Turismo Sport” exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in November, game developer Polyphony Digital has come out to deny the rumors.

Back then, Polyphony said that “Gran Turismo Sport” is not a prologue of “Gran Turismo 7” but it can be considered as “Gran Turismo 6.5.”

Of late, however, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi is now saying that “Gran Turismo Sport” could have been called “Gran Turismo 7” because it contains so many different features. He added that there would be no problem if others would call the game as “Gran Turismo 7.”

Apparently, at the time of the announcement of “Gran Turismo Sport,” the main focus of the title was really the sports part so that is why he named it “Gran Turismo Sport.”

Yamauchi said that looking back into the development of “Gran Turismo Sport,” he could easily call it as “Gran Turismo 7” even as he breaks into a hearty laugh, notes Gamespot.

A brand new era

Yamauchi explained that “Gran Turismo Sport” is a brand new era compared to “Gran Turismo 1 to 6” because of the level of innovation and the level of technology that is going into the title.

He then said that naming it as “Gran Turismo Sport” with a new title like that might not be so off the mark.

The series creator actually made the explanation on the difference between “Gran Turismo Sport” and “Gran Turismo 7” during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 held in June.

He also spoke about his long-term plans for the game, the franchise, and the future of motorsports during a separate and closed-door presentation at the E3 2016 week.

When “Gran Turismo Sport” comes out on the PlayStation 4 in November, it will be going up against other car racing video games like “Project Cars,” “Assetto Corsa,” “Forza Motorsport 6,” and “Driveclub,” notes Alphr.

Game’s rollout date

Following the launching of the car racing game “Gran Turismo Sport” in London in May, there are reports saying that game developer Polyphony Digital shall be rolling out the game exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on November 15 in Japan, North America, and Asia and in the UK on November 18.

While Polyphony or game publisher Sony Computer Entertainment has yet to make an official announcement, the release date already looks plausible and strategic as it would surely benefit from the expected consumer buying spree beginning the Thanksgiving all the way to the Christmas holidays.

Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has denied time and again that “Gran Turismo Sport” is the highly-anticipated “Gran Turismo 7” but those who have seen the gameplay of the former game during its launching, are practically one in saying that the game is almost like “Gran Turismo 6.5.”

If there is one thing that “Gran Turismo Sport” was able to positively do, it actually quenched in full the thirst of fans and gamers for their long wait and anticipation for “Gran Turismo 7.”

It becomes clear also that “Gran Turismo Sport” has bought Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital more than enough time to perfectly develop and harness “Gran Turismo 7” which could possibly come out next year at the earliest.

gran turismo 7

“Gran Turismo Sport” has also been touted as a car racing video game that shall take the multiplayer gaming to a new level through the FIA-sanctioned online racing.

The most common problems in playing online are those gamers breaking the rules and hurling obscenities into the group chat.

But according to series creator Yamauchi, they have found a way to eliminate such possibilities and ensure order in the game to make it really fun even for first-time gamers.

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