GoPro Hero 4 Speculated to Possibly Get a Price Drop after Recent Earnings Reports by Company!

The release of the Hero 5 could further drive down the price of the Hero 4 though, so that’s another way to look at the situation. Those who want to get a really good deal on the device may want to wait a little longer in that case, though of course the price reduction is by no means guaranteed.

Hopefully, GoPro manage to stabilize their position soon enough and get back on their feet. There have been rumors about a possible delay in the launch of the Hero 5, and it could be related to these current troubles that they’re experiencing.

The fact that the company has survived and prevailed for so long in their market is a clear indication that they know exactly what they’re doing though, so we would expect the next months to see an improvement for their performance on the market and in financial terms.

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