Filming for 17 Episodes of ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 to Begin Soon

It was actually Brian Grazer, executive producer of the show, who confirmed in a recent interview with Bill Simons for B.S. Report podcast, that “Arrested Development” will have a Season 5 that shall feature 17 episodes.

While there has been no news yet about the plotline or the treatment of Season 5 when it comes out, nor the show’s official release date, fans are already happy to know that their favorite show will be coming back on air for its fifth season.

Neither Netflix nor 20th Century Fox has confirmed Brian Grazer’s confirmation of Season 5 for “Arrested Development.” A representative of 20th Century Fox did say that although everyone is interested in doing more episodes, the film company has nothing to announce at this time.

It was already a confirmation of sort that the fifth season is on and that it is just a matter of time when the camera starts rolling again.

Another clear indication is the fact that show creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, who is also one of the Executive Producers of “Arrested Development,” recently inked a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce, develop and create new projects for the streaming service.


  1. Arrested Development did exceptionally well on Netflix, and it was always expected that Season 5 or a movie would follow. The format for season four was generally well received by long-time fans of the show, but people new to the show who has sped-watch through the first three seasons generally didn’t like that the now-famous stars like Michael Cera and Will Arnett were missing from some episodes. Season four was a huge success, but the media narrative that some people didn’t like the format got regurgitated endlessly by writers who aren’t familiar with the show.

  2. Well said Franklin. New viewers to the show did not appreciate the new format of season 4 because they have not experienced the comical payoffs multiple viewings offered. From the subtle excited laughs that Tobias and Lindsay share to the banner and refrigerator jokes. Critics seem to have a stick up their “bung-hole” about the show.
    Season 4 of AD was as perfect as it could be with the actors conflict in schedules and the changes in appearance that a 6 year hiatus will do to a show. All of which were poked at in the new season and noticed by the true and still loyal devotees such as myself. There are dozens of us! DOZENS!!!

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