Eugene about to Be the Next Character Killed in The Walking Dead Season 6, Rumors Say!

In any case, it looks like the show itself isn’t going away anytime soon, as the producers have already been planning future seasons, and they seem to have enough material to go on for at least seven years from now. So whatever happens in this season, the show is going to continue.

Last but not least, Daryl has been surrounded by a lot of mystery lately as the character is likely going to join the ranks of those that have been killed off, although we don’t know the circumstances of his death right now.

His sexuality might be referenced more explicitly as well, as this is a part of his character that has been somewhat omitted compared to the comics. We don’t know why the producers have been skipping this aspect of the character in his development so far, but there have been rumors that they are finally going to pay attention to his homosexuality in the next season, possibly with a special episode about that.

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