Eugene about to Be the Next Character Killed in The Walking Dead Season 6, Rumors Say!

“The Walking Dead” is a show that doesn’t treat its cast lightly, as it’s not rare that a major character is killed off. Sure, the producers are trying to be careful as a whole and they don’t overuse character deaths as a plot device too much, but at the same time fans have grown used to the idea that they shouldn’t get too attached to anyone in particular, as nobody seems to be safe in this grim show.

Now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Eugene might be the next one to suffer this dramatic fate, as Josh McDermitt and Michael Cudlitz may have just leaked this detail. McDermitt sent out a tweet about working on other projects and leaving the show’s set, to which Cudlitz replied with “Enjoy, I had a blast working with you. (I did)…”

There seems to be a pretty clear implication in those tweets that McDermitt isn’t going to be involved with the project anymore, which in turn doesn’t leave many open possibilities for what could have happened. Sure, it’s possible that his character might depart from the story in a more peaceful way, but let’s face it – this is “The Walking Dead”, and the writers of the show would jump at any opportunity to introduce a death into the story if it would work well with other subplots running at the moment.

Of course, these tweets still don’t give away any major details about the character’s death, so we don’t know how exactly it’s going to happen, nor which episode it occurs in. There is still some time before the show returns on air, and knowing its production schedule, it’s entirely possible that this happens at any point during the season, so it would be a tense time for fans.

Glenn has also been rumored to be in danger of getting killed off, as there have been rumors about that, but the producers have been reluctant to give any details at all. The only thing they wanted to say about those rumors was that if they were indeed planning to kill off the character, they would make it a spectacular event, as they are trying to make every death count.

The Walking Dead Season 6

Which, looking back on the previous episodes of the show, definitely seems to be true. Characters get killed here and there, but it always has some major implications for the plot and never feels like it was just thrown in there for dramatic effect. So if Eugene and/or Glenn really are going away in this season, it’s going to have some interesting effects on the storyline.

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