Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Keeping Things Quiet After Being Spotted Vacationing in Turkey and Greece Early This Month!

Incidentally, Emma Stone and Alicia Vikander of “Danish Girl” are now being lined up to play the role of the young Agatha Christie in two biopics now under development in two rival Hollywood studios, reports The Guardian.

Sony Pictures has reportedly talked to Vikander to play the celebrated crime novelist in her formative years as a proto-feminist who is not contented with just being a traditional wife and mother in the family.

Paramount Pictures, on the other hand, is tapping Emma Stone to play the role of Agatha Christie during the time when she went missing for 11 days back in 1926, which was a plotline already covered in Michael Apted’s film “Agatha” shown in 1979 featuring Vanessa Redgrave and Dustin Hoffman.

Interests on Agatha Christie have recently spiked following a flurry of interests from filmmakers in getting film versions of the work of the acclaimed writer off the ground.

In fact, a forthcoming adaptation of her 1934 best-seller “Murder on the Orient Express” is about to start filming this summer under the helm of Kenneth Branagh and starring Angelina Jolie. The movie shall reportedly be released in 2017.

There is no word yet at on the title of the Christie movies starring Alicia Vikander and Emma Stone although Stone’s movie could just be a reboot of Vanessa Redgrave’s “Agatha.”

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