Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Keeping Things Quiet After Being Spotted Vacationing in Turkey and Greece Early This Month!

It’s back to peace and quiet again for celebrity couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield after they were spotted having a luxurious yacht vacation in Turkey and Greece early this month.

It seems like the couple has decided not to talk about their relationship to the media so they have gone back to being silent and kept themselves away from the limelight after their vacation.

Instead of getting visible, they decided to shy away from the media after their vacation so that they would not be asked about the details of their recent escapade in Turkey and Greece.

The pair may have thought it best to protect their relationship from prying eyes and ears by just being silent about it. They may have come to the conclusion that the reason why they keep on breaking up previously and getting back together again is because their relationship is too publicized.

So rather than being grilled about it the whole time, they decided to just disappear for good from the spotlight and just allow the media and rumor-mongers to spread speculations online or elsewhere and they would not mind at all because they already know what is the real score of their relationship.

Luxurious yacht vacation

Up until last month, the reports were saying that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have broken up in October last year and that both have decided to move on from their failed relationship.

It is either the couple has played everyone for a fool or they have gotten back together again just recently because they were spotted recently in Turkey’s Bodrum in the province of Mugla for a luxurious vacation.

The Daily Sabah has reported that the on-again, off-again celebrity pair arrived in Bodrum early this month in their private jet and later set out on the Aegean Sea onboard a 63-meter luxury yacht named Lady Britt.

The outlet also added that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone reportedly rented the yacht for 475,000 Euros per week from the nearby town of Yalikavak.

The yacht subsequently anchored off Greece’s Paros island where Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were later seen doing water sports.

Insiders reveal that the celebrity pair has continued their Aegean vacation by visiting the Greek islands of Mykonos. They were also spotted being accompanied by Garfield’s brother, two close friends, and three bodyguards.

Both the camps of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone refused to comment or say anything official about the current state of the relationship of the Hollywood couple.

No truth to break-up rumors

With the recent sighting of the beautiful pair over in Turkey and Greece, that debunked rumors, reports, and speculations that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have split for good, reports Movie News Guide.

In fact, there were even reports saying that Emma Stone was already dating Austin Stowell even as Andrew Garfield was spotted in February dating a mysterious blonde girl in London.

The rumors about Emma Stone and Austin Stowell started swirling because they are paired together for the tennis biopic “Battle of the Sexes.” There were supposedly sources on the set who said that Emma and Austin were inseparable.

emma stone and andrew garfield

Now that it is almost confirmed that Andrew and Emma have never split in the first place or have gotten back together again, it seems clear that the brewing romance between Emma and Austin was only meant to promote their movie, the same way that the rumored romance between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were fanned to promote their film “La La Land.”

It looks unlikely that the pair would speak about their relationship but the vacation getaway already says a lot about the level of their affection for one another.

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