Elago’s Macintosh Inspired Apple Watch Stand is a Really Cool Accessory to Own That’s also Value for Money

Still, there is no question about the fact that a lot more can be done with the Apple Watch in the stand than one could do with the original Macintosh computer. The original Macintosh had had 128 kilobytes of RAM or 0.125 megabytes. To put things into perspective, nowadays four gigabytes is the standard issue.

Valued at $15 on Amazon, this stand’s look is understandable – it’s a tiny version of the Macintosh computer, which was a typical Apple design. The Apple Watch screen turns into the monitor’s display, even if a very tiny one.

The Elago W3 supports both the first Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2, and is well-matched with the Nightstand mode of the smartwatch, helping as a bed-side alarm clock when turned on its side.

Even if you don’t own an Apple Watch, this could be a great gift for someone you are close to or know, who has an Apple Watch.

The W3 Stand for Apple Watch was created by the mobile accessory company Elago, which fits the Apple Watch’s nightstand mode flawlessly.It looks almost identical to the first Apple Macintosh computer that was released back in 1984. Contrasting to the original Macintosh, the W3 is well-suited with all models of the Apple Watch.

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