Does Melania Trump Dress a Lot Like Carrie Underwood from House of Cards?

They now have the title of the First Lady in common, and one cannot deny that there are lots of similarities between how the two of them dress for a job. However, Trump’s gaze is no match for the signature chilling death stare of Underwood.

Meanwhile, in other news, with the new reality of Donald Trump becoming the President of America, there are a lot of new challenges for shows like Homeland, Scandal, House of Cards and Veep. In 2017, it waits to be seen if viewers want an accurate depiction of real-life politics in these shows or will they prefer an escape into a fantasy politics world.

When House of Cards returns to Netflix on 30th May, we can expect that the First Lady turned VP candidate Carrie Underwood will continue her chase of power, with or without her husband, President Frank’s help (played by Kevin Spacey). The ominous upside-down flag trailer which was released last week might hint at her chances of eventual success.

What are your thoughts on US First Lady Melania Trump’s dressing similarity with Carrie Underwood? Stay tuned for more updates on this topic and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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