Does Melania Trump Dress a Lot Like Carrie Underwood from House of Cards?

Over the course of past few weeks, there has been a lot to take since the United States witnessed Donald Trump becoming president. The change was so impactful that a lot of us failed to notice a certain thing.

According to some onlookers who have been observing Melania Trump, The First Lady of United States reported that her dressing and outlook has a similarity with Carrie Underwood, who plays the role of Robin Wright, the scheming wife of President Frank Underwood, US President in hit Netflix series, House of Cards.

Is it possible that Melania too might broker a deal with Russia since Claire Underwood did it in season four of House of Cards? Then again, she probably won’t. Meanwhile, as we wait to find out, let’s take a look at how she has been imitating Carrie Underwood.

Even a clip from Trump’s presidential campaign might start looking like Carrie Underwood playing her role in House of Cards. However, this is not the first time that people have noticed similarities between the Melania Trump and Carrie Underwood.

After it had been suggested last year that she had borrowed one of Michelle Obama’s speeches during the campaign trail, Melania was also accused of copying the style of Kim Kardashian. There are several dresses where she ended up copying Carrie Underwood from House of Cards. These include her black dress, the white dress, the blue dress, the purple dress, the suit. A lot of people have raised eyebrows on Twitter as well.

Meanwhile, whether you have watched a single season of House of Cards or not, you know that there is one thing about the show that always remains constant. It ranges from pearlescent satin gowns to nicely fitted suits, and they all adore Carrie Underwood, episode after episode. Both Melania and Carrie love a good menswear inspired look.

During various red carpet events, Melania has been wearing various power-suit like attires, for instance, when she rang the NASDAQ bell back in 2008. Underwood usually wore in them during tense phone calls which are basically what House of Cards is made up of. They are both fans of jackets that are camel colored. For both Melania and Underwood, neutral is the way to go. Both of them tend to go for expertly tailored camel-colored jackets.

Any longtime viewer of the show will say that Underwood loves her suit jackets as much as her husband loves his threesomes. Both Melania and Underwood wear black trench coats even when it’s not raining. Trench coats come with the special ability to make anyone look like a spy and both these women look like they are ready for almost everything.

Is Melania Trump turning into House of Cards' First Lady Claire Underwood

For Melania, this might mean moving into a bedroom in the White House, and for Underwood, this could mean a fast escape from the watchful gaze of the Secret Service. Both of them love white formalwear. Underwood’s taste in clothes is a bit more office appropriate and professional, but that is expected from a First Lady.

When you wear all white, it looks pretty serious. Both of them beat it when they wear grey. Even in this case, Underwood in House of Cards chose a high-collared silhouette look, but Trump decided to show more skin, but both of them were merely dressed for the event.

In the case of Underwood, it was a press conference, and for Trump, it ended up being a celebrity roast luncheon back in 2004. They go bold when they are forced to wear color. It might end up being a drag on their usual, neutral loving outlook, both of them pop a little color once in a while.

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