Developers to Skip iOS 8.3 Jailbreak and Wait Instead for Either the iOS 8.4 or iOS 9

However, most of its attempts to curtail the work of the jailbreak developers on its iOS softwares either come short or worst, futile.

Reports are now rife that Apple is said to be working on a new anti-jailbreak tool, which is a Kernel level security known as Rootless and will be used in both OS X and the iOS to prevent malware, increase the safety of extensions, and protect the security of sensitive data.

But everyone knows that jailbreak developers have always been one step ahead of Apple and they always find a way to jailbreak any iOS if they wishes to.

The best way for Apple to address the issue is not to go head-on or tit-for-tat with jailbreak developers but to focus instead on continuously making significant improvement on its iOS.

Whenever a new iOS comes out, it is always good for users of non-jailbroken or jailbroken devices. Non-jailbroken users will get new features and bug fixes while jailbroken device users will get to utilize the freedom they wanted in their Apple gadgets.

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