Roku 4 to Feature a 2GB RAM to Compete with Powerful Media Streaming Device

The fourth iteration of the media streaming device from Roku, the American tech company based in Saratoga, California, has been reported to debut to the retail markets this coming fall and accordingly, the device will have superb features to make it really competitive.

According to the Culture Mob, Roku 4 will sport a 2GB of RAM, which is a big jump to the 512 MB that is featured in Roku 3. With a bigger RAM capacity, Roku 4 shall be able to compete directly with other powerful products in the market today such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Amazon Fire TV as it is expected to feature faster load times between navigation screens.

In addition, the Roku 4 shall reportedly come with wireless technology, which was not too prevalent when the Roku 3 was released back in 2013. It is also expected that the upcoming media streaming device shall come with an internal antenna to improve its signal strength.

Foremost of all the features that has long been rumored and reported is that Roku 4 will come with an ultra HD resolution or better. The device shall be able to support 4K resolution streaming, which is a first for a media streaming device, and is likely to become the product’s major selling point.

To be paired with latest TVs

Roku is reportedly in discussion with several TV manufacturers to ensure that the new generation of TVs that will come out in the market will be paired with Roku 4.

Thus far, only Chinese multinational consumer electronics and appliances manufacturer Haier, has publicly came out to express its desire to collaborate with Roku to produce Roku TV models in the near future.

It has been previously reported that Roku 4 is projected to debut this fall and it will bring with it a number of exciting enhancements that are quite new for a highly-anticipated and much-awaited online streaming gadget.

Accordingly, Roku 4 shall also sport a front-panel reset button, an enhanced channel store, quicker boot-up times, a stabilized firmware, and support for 802.11AC Wifi.

Updating the Roku 3

In order to keep Roku 3 up-to-date, the American tech company has also enhanced its current media streaming device by including a voice search button on it among other new features which would keep users busy until Roku 4 is officially released to the retail markets.

At its current price of US$99, the Roku 3 with its new features is really worth the purchase for a superb and functional media streaming device. Roku 4 is expected to be better for sure and it is likely to come out with a higher price when it hits the retail markets later in the year.

roku 4

Although Roku has yet to make an official announcement to confirm or deny reports about the Roku 4, there have already been speculations in the tech community that the device will come out within five months time from May, but two months at the earliest, which is just about within the fall season.

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