Developers to Skip iOS 8.3 Jailbreak and Wait Instead for Either the iOS 8.4 or iOS 9

Apple has released the iOS 8.3 firmware update in the first week of April and the most users could remember about the software is that it came with racial-diverse emojis.

It has been the norm that whenever the American tech giant releases a new mobile operating system or a firmware update to its mobile OS, third party developers would immediately scamper to find a way to jailbreak it and the Apple devices that run on it in order to remove restrictions so that users would enjoy the freedom on their own gadgets.

While a number of jailbreak developers have attempted to take a crack at the Apple iOS 8.3, most of their efforts are lackadaisical or merely a token attempt, as if they just tried one attempt and then forgot about it afterwards. That is why, up until this date, there has not been a single iOS 8.3 jailbreak that is considered stable.

The more reputable jailbreak developers TaiG and Pangu did not weave their usual magic on the iOS 8.3, which is actually the second time that both developers held back in as far as releasing jailbreak tools are concerned as it also did the same for its predecessor, the iOS 8.2, notes the Latinos Post.

Not wasting any effort

It seems like the jailbreak developers do not want to waste any more of their efforts developing tools to jailbreak the iOS 8.3 because reports have it that Apple might be unveiling another firmware update or an altogether major update to its iOS very soon.

Last week, there have been reports going around that the American tech giant will be unveiling its iOS 9 in the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 to be held this month.

However, there have also been hints that Apple may actually launch another firmware update, the iOS 8.4 very soon.

Developing a jailbreak for iOS 8.3 would almost become useless especially if Apple releases either an iOS 8.4 or an iOS 9 since most users would most likely take on those updates especially if it would come with bug fixes and features that consumers have been clamoring about for the longest time.

So it has become a waiting game for jailbreak developers in order not to compromise their expertise in coming up with tools to enable Apple device users to enjoy freedom in using their devices the way they prefer it.

Apple makes the move


While most users certainly enjoy having the OS of their Apple devices jailbroken as it usually comes with some tweaks and improvements to make the gadget experience truly worthwhile, the American tech giant is not in favor of such because it defeats some of the key features that they put into the OS.

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