David Harbour of Stranger Things Is Terrified About Season 2, The First Look at The Next Season Is Here

She was like why do they like her so much, and she considers her to be a simple boring old Millie. Meanwhile, Season 2 of the drama is highly anticipated, and the show hopes to please diehards with some of the same kind of thrills from the original season but the show ill takes us to places where it’s never been before.

You are familiar with a balance of comforts, but then they are trying to take it to new directions, as told by creator Ross Duffer to the weekly. According to him, that is what they are trying to strike with the second season.

The young stars have already been drumming up the excitement for the upcoming season since they all-shared upside down portraits of themselves doing The Three Wise Monkeys poses on Instagram. On the same day, a 30-second trailer for season 2 made its debut during Super Bowl LI. In the exciting clip, we can see Dustin, Lucas, and Mike dressed up as Ghostbusters.

The boys stand out in the middle of the school in Hawkins town while wearing the costumes. The trailer hints at horrifying and fantastic events. It concludes with an image of a terrifying force overwhelming the small town of Indiana. Season 2 will release on Netflix later this year on Halloween.

Stay tuned for more updates on Stranger Things!

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