‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Filming Now Underway; Abby Lee Miller Back to Her Old Bullying Ways!

Meanwhile, contrary to rumors that she is planning to make a comeback in Season 6 of “Dance Moms,” Chloe Lukasiak says that she is happy with her current dance studio, Studio 19, and is not entertaining any notion of leaving anytime soon.

In a recent video shown at the Teen Choice Awards, Chloe gave an emotional speech about overcoming negativity and believing in herself, which was an indirect swipe at “Dance Moms” dance leader Abby Lee Miller for nearly taking the fight out of her in Season 4 of the reality show.

Chloe ended her message with #provethemwrong which only showed that she has an ax to grind against Abby Lee Miller and the show itself and would certainly not return even if previous reports are true that her direct competitor Maddie Ziegler would not be coming back for Season 6.

Lukasiak also disclosed during the same interview that everyone at Studio 19 is always smiling and she finds it really fun there. She added that even when the dance leader and instructors give corrections and critiques, the people are doing it nicely so she had the best time.

That is obviously in stark contrast to the kind of harsh verbal treatment from Abby Lee Miller during Season 4 prompting her to exit the show after having had enough of the strenuous and stressful situation.

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