‘Dance Moms’ Season 6 Filming Now Underway; Abby Lee Miller Back to Her Old Bullying Ways!

Filming for Season 6 of the American dance competition reality show “Dance Moms” is now underway and reports have it that dance leader Abby Lee Miller is back to her old bullying ways not only on the girls and their mothers but also on the staff of the show.

As a result, the dance leader went under fire for her recent actions. There were even reports that Miller is threatening anyone who speaks negatively about her in the press or her fraud charges, reports Design & Trend.

Miller was indicted last month for 20 counts of fraud and faces $5 million in fines. On November 2, she pleaded not guilty to the charges and then paid $10,000. She also requested the court for a trial date to be set.

Abby Lee does not want anybody to talk about her case which is actually part of her right as she is still innocent from the charges until proven guilty in court.

However, what ticks off people is her bossy attitude and bullying antics on her ALDC dancers as well as the dancers’ moms. There was even a clip released recently by the Lifetime network showing Abby Lee Miller being confronted by the moms of the ALDC dancers.

Some of the moms also questioned the inclusion or return of Brynn Rumfallo to ALDC. The other moms raised the issue of when will their children learn new dance moves in the coming weeks. But Miller did not give them straight answers and almost shunned all of them as if saying that they have no right to question her judgment calls on the show.

Maddie Ziegler will be out for some of the episodes

There were reports that Maddie Ziegler, Abby Lee Miller’s star student and “Dance Moms” brightest star, would no longer be returning for Season 6 when it airs on Lifetime on January 5, 2016.

The good news for fans is that Maddie Ziegler has agreed to return again in the dance reality show. But the bad news is that she may not be able to be part of some of the episodes of Season 6 because she is already busy filming for her upcoming film titled “The Book of Henry,” reports the Christian Today.

The drama film is being directed by “Jurassic World” director Colin Trevorrow and shall reportedly be completed within two weeks time so it is expected that Maddie shall be able to rejoin the cast of “Dance Moms” for the ongoing filming of Season 6 of the dance competition reality show.

The last time that Maddie Ziegler was able to join the filming of “Dance Moms” Season 6 was on October 31 where she placed second in the teen division and overall.

Another dance team in the show

According to the latest spoilers, “Dance Moms” Season 6 will also have a so-called Mini Elite Competition Team, which is a group of fledgling young dancers under the supervision of Abby Lee Miller that the older dancers from the group will train.

The ones expected to serve as tutors to these new dancers are sisters Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hiliker, Nia Frazier, and JoJo Siwa. However, there are no details yet on who the young dancer recruits would be.

dance moms season 5

The Mini Elite Competition Team was formed apparently to become the next batch of stars in the Lifetime hit TV series and the younger dancers will be the ones to effectively fill the void when the rest of the cast members graduate and go out of the TV show.

There are also reports that part of Season 6 of “Dance Moms” shall also focus on the fraud charges and legal entanglement of Abby Lee Miller although both Lifetime and the dance leader have yet to confirm whether the rumors are true or not.

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