‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 to Become the Third Time for Actress Paget Brewster Playing as Emily Prentiss in the TV Series!

The speculations have actually overshadowed the entry and debut of veteran TV actor Adam Rodriguez on “Criminal Minds” beginning on Season 12. But he will come in not to replace Derek Morgan with the BAU but reportedly as a member of the special task force formed to apprehend the serial killers that managed to escape during the Season 11 finale episode.

So when Shemar Moore decided to show up during the first day of filming of “Criminal Minds” Season 12, both the fans and the film set turned crazy.

Many got excited on the possibility that Derek Morgan may indeed return to the upcoming 12th season of the police procedural drama TV series.

But as it turned out, Shemar Moore returned to the set not to do any acting at all, but only to bear gifts for the cast and crew. The actor delivered the gifts during the first day of filming so that everyone would be there and it is his way of expressing his appreciation to everyone for making him and his character Derek Morgan a fan-favorite in “Criminal Minds.”

Moore came to the set at about the time when everyone was doing the table read so he was quite sure that everyone was there.

His gifts to the cast and crew were all watches whose faces all have his initials and the line ‘Always Time,’ which is a comment about him always being late in the set. He said that he wanted his former co-workers to always have a part of him with them wherever they are.

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