Criminal Minds Season 11 Full Of Drama, New Cast Members And Higher Ratings!

One of the most popular episodes of the season was the first one called, “The Job”. More than ten million viewers tuned into the show and since then the ratings have been up and down just a couple million either way. In most cases, the first and the last show of the season are the highest rated.

Leading up to the winter break, which happened after the episode on December 9th, the ratings were solid in the eight million viewer range, but since it has been back on this month, the viewership has jumped by almost one million.

Criminal Minds is a popular television show and over the years it has been referenced many different times. There were two spin-offs of the original show, as well as a video game developed, however it did not feature any of the voices from the cast. The show is also in syndication on the A&E Network and Ion Television.

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  1. Please do not get rid of Shemar Moore he is a fan favorite and the ratings will absolutely drop, Rossi, Shemar Moore Penople , dr Reid and AJ Cook are the only reason this show as done so well so long. I will not watch anymore if these characters are no longer apart of it . Along with the 1,000’s of other fans of the show

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