Criminal Minds Season 11 Full Of Drama, New Cast Members And Higher Ratings!

Criminal Minds is an American police thriller, according to descriptions online and it just started the second half of the eleventh season a couple of weeks ago. The show has seen some very good ratings for the CBS network over the years and that is why the network renewed the show for an eleventh season back in May of last year. Criminal Minds season 11 premiered back in September of last year. Season 11 will have twenty-one episodes when all is said and done.

This week, fans of Criminal Minds were able to see a guest star that might have looked familiar to some. That guest star was actress Sal Neslusan. You might have recognized her from the show, Webster. Of course, that was a long time ago, but some people have great facial recognition skills and picked her out when she appeared in a recent episode titled, “The Bond”. Neslusan has not been out of the acting world since Webster, in fact, she is producer, co-writer and co-star in the popular show, “Roomiess”.

In that show, her and Edward Kiniry-Ostro play best friends and roommates. Most of the series can be seen on YouTube. Most cop drama shows are on the networks for a long time, but in order to get to your eleventh season, you must have fresh content all of the time. Viewers and fans do not have time for one show these days, so having a great following and being renewed by CBS is a great sign for the show.

In the meantime, it was reported this week that Criminal Minds joins the ranks of shows like American Idol in terms of having high ratings. According to reports, Criminal Minds was seen by more than nine million viewers overall. That includes the popular 18-49 age range that is so important for television shows to get a piece of. Criminal Minds has matched its season high and has also repeated those numbers on many other occasions throughout the season. Basically, Criminal Minds has dominated the 9-o’clock hour on most televisions.

Criminal Minds Season 11

Criminal Minds beat out “2 Broke Girls”, “The Middle”, “Code Black” and repeats of popular shows on other networks. Having 9.4 million viewers almost put Criminal Minds on top of American Idol, which came in this week with 9.6 million viewers for Wednesday nights episode. If you have been watching Criminal Minds for a long time, then you know it is just like all of the other cop dramas over the years. With that being said, there have been a lot of guest stars over the years. Some of those include Aisha Tyler, Danny Glover, Amber Stevens and Ashley Fink, just to name a few of them from past seasons.

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  1. Please do not get rid of Shemar Moore he is a fan favorite and the ratings will absolutely drop, Rossi, Shemar Moore Penople , dr Reid and AJ Cook are the only reason this show as done so well so long. I will not watch anymore if these characters are no longer apart of it . Along with the 1,000’s of other fans of the show

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