Rick and Morty Season 3: How Does the Future of the Show Look According to Current Rumors and Fan Discussions? Let’s See!

When “Rick and Morty” arrived, few people suspected how popular it would eventually become, and just how much people would come to love it. The show does many things right, and for many people it’s the perfect mix between clever humor and dark, thought-provoking moments. On the other hand, all characters of the show were fleshed out with a lot of detail and we’ve seen a lot of depth in all of them already, and there is a strong potential for continuing the story in all sorts of interesting ways.

The way the last season ended left things off on a bit of a grim note, and while most fans are confident that we will see Rick escaping from prison early into the season, there is also a strong fear that the situation will not be without repercussions for the character, as well as those around him. After all, it would be entirely in the style of “Rick and Morty” to introduce some permanent changes to its premise as a “surprise”.

How is Rick going to get out exactly? Most fans are convinced that he will need some help to accomplish that, but it’s not quite clear who will offer him their assistance. The first two seasons of the show had the characters interacting with many creatures all over the galaxy and they made quite a few friends along the way, so there are many possibilities for who might come to Rick’s assistance.

There are also rumors that Morty could have a more special place in the plot of the new season, and the character is rumored to be undergoing some serious transformations in those episodes. We have already seen Morty changing a lot previously, as the character moved away from being weak and timid, revealing that he actually has a lot of inner strength. In the end, Morty started to become Rick’s voice of reason, along with Summer.

We also saw what Morty is truly capable of in another version of the character, so there is definitely a lot of potential in him that the producers haven’t explored yet. Some fans have a theory that Morty will eventually become “evil Morty” as he learns more and more about Rick, although that theory sounds a bit far-fetched for various reasons.

A more plausible possibility related to evil Morty is that he will actually be the one to save Rick. Considering the hatred between the two of them, this could be a bit problematic, but there are suggestions that Rick is actually much more valuable to evil Morty than we suspect, and the character could actually have a more specific purpose in the plot of the show. It’s certainly a possibility given the way other characters have been handled before, and we don’t doubt that the producers are planning some exciting developments around Morty – and all his versions – for the next season. The recently released mobile game for the show also hints towards something like that.

rick and morty season 2

Let’s not forget that the cast of the show is rich and diverse and there are many different possibilities for how the story could be handled, so it’s not guaranteed that Morty will be the main focus of season 3. It could actually make sense for the producers to take a look at some of the auxiliary characters in more detail for that season, fully developing the cast in preparation for something even greater in the future.

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