‘Clash of Clans’ Secret Recipe to Success: The Mobile Video Game is Free

Other upgrades that came to the popular mobile game include the availability of the level 5 dragon with Town Hall Level 10 players. However, the level 5 dragon comes with a price and it costs 8 million elixirs and also requires an updated laboratory.

Meanwhile, the cost of level 4 dragon has been lowered to 6 million elixirs and also comes without the need for an updated laboratory.

In addition, entry-level or lower ranking players can now unlock dragons which enable them to counter senior or veteran players who have already built substantial bases.

Before the latest update, Supercell has also evened out the playing field among gamers of “Clash of Clans” by addressing trophy dumping strategies of some gamers to gain advantage at a lower level.

Some gamers have been dumping their trophies to make attacks at a lower level within the “Clash of Clans” system, which gives them undue advantage since it would be like pitting a veteran versus a beginner in a game.

Supercell made an important update to address the problem by altering the “Clash of Clans” multiplayer algorithms to prevent or penalize trophy dumping on the platform.

According to an employee of Supercell, who used the pseudonym Markika, in a statement said that the constant goal of the game developer is to better motivate and incentivize players to attack opponents at their level of skills and progress.

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