The Expendables 4 Could Come with Even More Exciting Additions to Cast, Is Hulk Hogan Going to Be the Bad Guy? Let’s See

“The Expendables 4” is still under question, and people are wondering about the future of the film in general – are we going to see the sequel at all after the relatively poor performance of the last installment? The situation is certainly tricky and nobody really seems to know the right answer, but fans have been speculating quite a lot about what we might get to see in the new film if it really is coming.

One of the most prominent rumors that have been going around lately claims that Hulk Hogan is about to join the cast, and he’ll be in the role of a villain too. This could certainly be plausible in the context of so many other popular celebrities lining up to take part in “The Expendables” throughout the history of the franchise, but so far nothing has been confirmed about the new film specifically, and the whole situation is quite uncertain.

It’s worth noting, however, that the rumors are coming straight from Hogan himself who stated that he’s been talking to Stallone recently about possibly taking part in the new installment of the famous franchise. And while this is still not an official confirmation about anything, it’s probably safe to assume that he’s saying the truth.

And according to what Hulk Hogan has said so far, the new film is likely going to portray him as the bad guy – and not just any bad guy, but one of the most evil villains that we’ve seen on the screen in a long time. If he’s telling the truth, then we might see a lot of explosive action from his side in the new production, and the actor claimed that he’s been going over various details of the possible film’s plot during his conversation with Stallone.

Among those have been things such as his athletic abilities – which might have been on a decline in the recent years as his age has been going up – but he seems to be up for the task for the most part, and we expect to see him on the screen if the new film really is about to become a reality.

Hogan is not the only actor who seems confident that we’re going to get a new “Expendables” at some point, as Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed similar hopes recently, claiming that he sees it as very likely that we’re going to get a sequel for the film. He apparently sees the franchise as having a lot of potential for another film, and the only thing the producers need to make it happen is a solid plot.

Which shouldn’t be that hard to come up with if they put their minds to it, and as long as they also put a lot of effort into building up a nice selection of actors to play all the important characters, we expect to get some amazing things from this particular production. We’ve certainly been hearing lots of rumors about the actors that have been allegedly picked, with various new names popping up here and there.

The Expendables 4

Manny Pacquiao is among the ones claimed to be taking part in the new production, although more recent reports apparently claim that this is not the case. He’s far from the only one that has been the subject of such rumors, however, so we have no idea what rumors to follow and pay attention to at this point.

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