The Expendables 4 Could Come with Even More Exciting Additions to Cast, Is Hulk Hogan Going to Be the Bad Guy? Let’s See

If Stallone and the rest of the crew want to really get things going the right way though, they should pay attention to the ideas that made the original “Expendables” so strong and the problems that the next installments in the series had in the eyes of their fans.

While the franchise has been highly successful in general, it’s also true that it was being handled in a bit of a messy way lately, and a little more organization could go a long way towards ensuring that the fourth film is a massive hit.

The main problem, according to some fans, is the potential of making the film too cluttered and filled to the brim with famous actors and characters that are difficult to follow. This is definitely a possibility if most of the rumored actors joining the new installment turn out to be true.

But we’ll see once we get any official details about “The Expendables 4”. Stallone has been quite busy lately so he has a lot on his plate, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this film is one of his top priorities right now, and he could definitely do something amazing with it if he just puts some effort into rounding up a good selection of actors and coming up with a plot that works well between all of them.

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