Sylvester Stallone Playing a Doting Dad to Her Three Daughters on Social Media!

Muscle man Sylvester Stallone has not been fortunate to be blessed with a son to continue and further the legacy of his great name or perhaps follow his footsteps as one of the most iconic Hollywood action stars in history.

Sly and his wife Jennifer Flavin were instead blessed with three daughters, namely, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlett, who are all teens now.

It is almost likely that no teenage guy would dare fool around with any of the three daughters of Sylvester Stallone given his reputation as a no-nonsense guy, much more a father.

While Sly is often busy, producing, writing, directing or acting in movies, he always finds time to play a doting father to his three daughters and it has even become obvious in social media.

A doting father and family man

His Twitter account for example not only contains his personal tweets about the goings on in his career, it also occasionally details the activities of her daughters, for which he seems to be really proud of.

Stallone also regularly posts pictures of family activities that include his wife and three daughters on Instagram.

On August 14 for instance, Sly proudly tweeted about the theater rehearsal of daughter Sophia and included an image post of it on Instagram. Three days back, he also tweeted about his daughter Sistine with their loyal dog Spooky, and posted an image of it on Instagram.

On August 9, he also wished his daughter Sistine luck for her modeling stint. Then last month, he posted both on Twitter and Instagram photos of their family vacation in Europe that included himself and wife Jennifer with their three lovely daughters.

Stallone is not just an iconic Hollywood figure; he is also a proud and doting father to his three daughters and certainly a responsible family man.

Reprising Rocky Balboa

Sly is set to reprise his iconic role as Rocky Balboa after 40 years in the upcoming feature boxing film “Creed.”

The 68-year-old actor was seen late last month in Los Angeles wearing a tight-fitting shirt and he showed off his bulging muscles, notes the Daily Mail.

Stallone has just wrapped up filming the movie with Michael B. Jordan, who plays Adonis Johnson, the son of Apollo Creed in the movie.

A trailer of the movie has already been released and it shows Stallone literally teaching Michael B. Jordan the ropes of good boxing as Rocky Balboa. “Creed” is a spin-off of Stallone’s “Rocky” movie series but is not a sequel. Reports have it that Stallone might do a film to finally put a closure on his “Rocky” character. The same is also being planned by the 68-year-old veteran actor for his other iconic movie character John Rambo possibly for a sixth and final Rambo film.

Apart from throwing praises to the veteran actor, Michael B. Jordan says that he really got in shape for the role in “Creed.” But unlike others who has to lose weight to get into the fighting form, he had to actually put on 24 pounds of muscle to play the role of Apollo Creed’s son so he had to take food a lot in between takes.

Stallone marked his 68th birthday on July 6. Although two years short of being 70 years old, it seems like the veteran action star still has plenty of gas left in his tank to do more.

Sylvester Stallone Photos

He is still very much active in films and occasionally on television. He has been collaborating a lot with fellow action stars in his recent films including one with fellow action star and contemporary Arnold Schwarzenegger for the movie “The Escape Plan.” The two of them also appeared in “The Expendables” franchise and are in the same team of good guys.

There are some important things that fans need to know about the iconic action star that have not been known to most of them previously.


    1. He had 2 sons from first wife. Sage died at 36 before having any kids and Seargeoh (baby in Rocky II) is autistic and no kids. Jennifer is third wife.

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