‘Clash of Clans’ Developer Reveals Secret to Game’s Success; Game Celebrates 3 Years with Surprises for Gamers

Although, as a special trick, AllClash has found a way to make the offer last for two weeks. It should be noted, however, that the trick was only applied for those with level 10 gold mines or elixir collectors.

As another treat to loyal fans of the game, the first ever convention for the game will be held this year. Officially titled, ClashCon, the first ever COC event aims to unite clashers from all over the world like never before.

ClashCon will be happening on October 24, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland where the game developer is based. Supercell, which is also the developer of other popular games such as “Hay Day” and “Boom Beach,” have already announced the ticket prices for the ClashCon.

According to GameZone, tickets can be purchased from EventBrite for $108.30 inclusive of food, beverages, an epic Clash loot, Clash workshops, contents, meet and greet opportunities with top YouTube personalities and Clans.

In an official statement, Supercell promised that attendees of the ClashCon will experience a one-of-a-kind COC community. The Gospel Herald reports that if players think that the Dark Spell Factory update was already colossal, the Helsinki-based game developer has promised fans that some surprises will be unveiled during the ClashCon to further raise the level of excitement on the game.

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