‘Clash of Clans’ Developer Reveals Secret to Game’s Success; Game Celebrates 3 Years with Surprises for Gamers

Since its release in 2012, mobile strategy game “Clash of Clans” has been doing excellently well with its popularity and fan admiration, with many claiming it has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry. Up until now, it is still dominating the app stores of both Android and iOS and shows no signs of a gradual halt in terms of downloads on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Amid the massive multiplayer online game undergoing some maintenance for a period of time, players never lost their interest, hence strategists continued giving out hints, tips, and tricks to enjoy the game.

During this year’s Game Developers Conference, “Clash of Clans” server programmer Jonas Collaros talked about the game being an integral part of every gamers’ lives. Collaros says that the secret to the success of the game is that Supercell’s principle in creating the game back then was very simple – players should enjoy the game for free. That alone, says Collaros, was the ultimate reason why those who have installed the mobile strategy video game have made it a part of their daily lives. In a recent statement, the programmer debunks rumors that the Finland-based game developer developed “COC” just to make a fast buck.

Speaking to attendees at the GDC 2015, the programmer explains that since the players have welcomed the game into their daily lives, checking from time to time if they have already built a community or attack other clans, it has been their sole job to continuously earn that position. He also shared the humble beginnings of the game, detailing how the main focus of the “COC” development was to incorporate a solid gameplay. He also talked about how Supercell fervently set its sights on the game’s improvement every time they have the opportunity to further develop it.

Jonas admits that they initially had no plans for an expansion, hence it almost took Supercell a year before they released new troops such as Minion, Hog Rider, and Valkyrie. It also took the developer another two years for the Clan Wars feature to be introduced. Clan Wars is a game feature wherein a group of players joined together to aid or support one another by donating troops or by giving advice as they fight other clans. Collaros also said that the features of the game that hindered players from enjoying it as well as those that have become irrelevant have now been eliminated.

According to The Big Tag, Collaros was optimistic that people will be playing the game for several years to come. The programmer, who has been working for Supercell for two years now, was very confident that the game will be existing on a long-term basis as people are now seeking games that will be integral to their daily lives. He also calls out other game developers and aspiring game makers to release games that will continuously improve over the years as well as those that people would look forward to playing every single day.

The critically-acclaimed mobile strategy game just turned three years on August 2 and as a treat to their ardent gamers, Supercell has released an update that gave resources a week’s worth of boost while costing players just one gem. IB Times reported that the announcement was made on July 31 through COC’s official Twitter account.

Clash of Clans

For 14 gems for those with a level nine Town Hall, the latest gem booster gives players an opportunity to make the most out of their source production rate of six gold mines, six elixir collectors, and two dark elixir collectors for the entire week. For players who are more advanced, it only costed them 17 gems to boost seven gold mines, seven elixir collectors, and three dark elixir collectors. All boosts began once the player have activated it and expires exactly after seven days regardless of whether or not the gem boost offer has expired. Based on the results, fans of the game were extremely satisfied and delighted with the anniversary treat.

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