‘Avatar 2’ Filming Inspires Disney to Develop World of Avatar Theme Park in Florida’s Animal Kingdom!

The upcoming sequel to the world’s most successful film “Avatar” is not being produced by Disney Pictures but that did not prevent the entertainment conglomerate from developing a new attraction at its Florida’s Animal Kingdom based on “Avatar 2” that is currently being filmed under the helm of critically-acclaimed director James Cameron.

Disney unveiled the newest addition to its Animal Kingdom amusement park in Florida during the recent D23 Expo held in Anaheim, California. The Avatar-themed land called “Pandora: World of Avatar” will be launched in time for the showing of “Avatar 2” in December 2017, reports the Venture Capital Post.

The new theme park will feature several attractions including the Sunset Kilimanjaro Safari where guests could explore the African savannah engulfed in a magnificent sunset. The park will also have wild animals such as hyenas and African wild dogs.

In addition to the “Pandora: World of Avatar” theme park, Disney also announced at the D23 Expo that it shall also be launching a “Star Wars” themed attraction in Disneyland, and a “Toy Story” land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Pushing back the release date

From a previously announced release date of 2016, “Avatar 2” will hit theaters in December 2017 and the delay was explained by James Cameron in a recent interview as due to technological constraints given the advanced technology and filmmaking equipment needed for the filming, details the Latin Post.

Critically-acclaimed producer, writer and director James Cameron said that he wanted to show a novel ecosystem in Pandora which means various underwater scenes that needed cutting-edge motion capture technology for higher frame rates, sharper visuals, and realism.

Cameron wants nothing but the best for “Avatar 2” and that is why he is not pressured into releasing the sequel to the most successful film in history based on ever growing fan clamor.

Instead, he is taking his sweet time in making a really good movie, perhaps even thinking of equalling or surpassing the feat of “Avatar” when it was released in 2009.

From initially having a 2016 playdate, the official release date of “Avatar 2” was moved to December 2017 in order to give Cameron and the production team more time to make the sequel even better. Apparently, the team will not just be making “Avatar 2” during the production but also the “Avatar 3” and “Avatar 4.”

“Avatar 3” already has a playdate of December 2018, while “Avatar 4” will follow suit exactly one year later.

The delay is worth it

The delay or the push back in the release of “Avatar 2” was apparently worth it as James Cameron revealed in a very recent interview that the reason for such is the fact that his team is currently focusing on creating graphics for the ocean ecosystem of Pandora.

After the graphics have been completed, the production film will start filming the underwater oceanographic exploration similar to the one shown in the movies like the “Titanic” and the “The Abyss.”

avatar 2

Cameron was also quoted in the interview as saying that the production team is doing all the three “Avatar” sequels in one sitting so they are creating an ocean ecosystem for Pandora.

The director said that there is no direct map between the deep ocean exploration that he has done in “Titanic” and the ocean stuff that they are doing for the three “Avatar” films, but he will continue doing such as he has always been fascinated by ocean exploration stuff.

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