Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21 to Serve as Backdoor Pilot Episode for Spin-off TV Series Chicago Justice

It seems however that Voight would not tolerate the budding relationship of Burgess and Roman because there would be tension that would ensue with Ruzek and it would not be consistent with his intention to keep peace within the group.

The Chicago PD head believes that a potential love affair between Roman and Burgess would surely disrupt the harmony that he has painstakingly worked hard for to keep in his precinct.

And true enough, episode 20 of “Chicago PD” Season 3 only re-lived his fear of seeing tension and possible animosity within his team.

As it turned out, the tension that was created was not because of the blossoming relationship between Roman and Burgess but because of the unfortunate shooting incident when the two responded to a call.

With Burgess in the hot seat, Roman would finally be able to show how much Burgess is meant to him. It would also be interesting to find out what would be the reaction of Ruzek in the debacle or whether their past relationship would still count in his concern for the lady police officer.

“Chicago PD” is certainly building up to an exciting Season 3 finale and fans could only expect the same attributes to make up the spin-off series “Chicago Justice.”

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