Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21 to Serve as Backdoor Pilot Episode for Spin-off TV Series Chicago Justice

Every viewer of the American police procedural drama TV series “Chicago PD” knows that it is a spin-off show of “Chicago Fire,” both airing on NBC.

After three seasons, “Chicago PD” will become the take-off point of another TV series also on NBC entitled as “Chicago Justice.”

The 21st episode of Season 3 of “Chicago PD” airing on May 11 entitled “Justice” will actually serve as the backdoor pilot for the new TV series, reports Cartermatt.

The episode is regarded as one of the most critical because it tackles extremely relevant subject matter in terms of police violence and occasional shooting of young black men by people in uniform.

A complicated storyline

The teaser trailer for episode 21 of “Chicago PD” offers a glimpse of the complicated nature of the storyline.

After she and Sean Roman, played by Brian Geraghty, were fired upon, Kim Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati, goes after who she believes to be the responsible party.

She loses sight of the alleged gunman for a moment but she pursued and shot a 17-year-old African-American Michael Ellis. The worst part about it is that Burgess found out that he did not have a gun on him. What’s more, the young man is an honor student and an upstanding member of society.

Given the recent high-profile racial shooting and Michael’s permanent paralysis, the residents of Chicago were enraged and fiercely protest against police officers shooting unarmed African-American teenagers.

Assistant State Attorney Peter Stone, played by Philip Winchester, then enters the fray. Incidentally, he will be the reported lead character in the spinoff TV series “Chicago Justice” alongside Carl Weathers, and it will be his job to investigate and figure out what really happened.

Stone will be defending the actions of Burgess. Although his help appears to be really needed, his arrival is also complicated by the fact that he is the same man who sent Sergeant Henry ‘Hank’ Voight, played by Jason Beghe, to prison, details the Ecumenical News.

So despite the tension between Stone and Voight, they will be able to work together in an effort to save Burgess.

A change of pace

Episode 21 of “Chicago PD” was a complete change of pace to its episode 20 aired on May 4. In the past episode, Voight found out that his son was back in town even as he is looking in the direction of the blossoming romance between Burgess and Roman.

As the head of the Chicago precinct where some of his subordinates are getting into a relationship with one another, Sergeant Voight may have had enough of his department’s share of the love bug.

Fans would recall that Voight was very strict and adamant when he learned about the relationship of Detective Erin Lindsay, played by Sophia Bush, and Detective Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer. He even reminded his subordinates in his precinct back then that he would not encourage affairs.

It was actually Voight’s words that sent Lindsay into depression, thinking that she and Halstead would never be together again.

But it was merely a job for the Chicago PD head because he obviously wants to keep peace among the team members and warring partners often tend to cause problems for the group.

chicago pd

Over time, however, Voight has softened up. In fact, he has already sort of approved the previous relationship of Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek, played by Patrick John Flueger.

But their relationship was not meant to be after Burgess realized that Ruzek has no plans of taking her to the altar. So they broke up and then came Sean Roman to the picture, and formed part of the love triangle.

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