Luke Hemmings Fans Upset that their Idol Suddenly Takes Out His Trademark Lip Ring, More Details!

Now fans of lead vocalist and guitarist of the Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) Luke Hemmings are up in arms not against his girlfriend Arzaylea. They are dismayed that their idol recently removed his trademark lip ring, which they have known him to wear since 5SOS broke into superstardom.

According to Bustle, the fandom of Luke Hemmings is collectively having a meltdown but they are hopeful that the removal of his lip ring is just temporary.

Luke Hemmings actually pierced his lip in 2013 and is rarely seen without the trademark black hoop in the corner of his mouth.

One fan actually noticed the disappearance of the lip ring on the corner of Luke’s mouth after having a selfie with the 5SOS lead singer. She then posted a question on social media asking Luke where his lip ring was.

The following day, Hemmings posted a photo of himself at the Universal Studios with a Bart Simpson mascot. He was not wearing his typical facial piercing again.

Many of his fans believe that the lip ring is an important part of Luke’s image and is the fandom’s life blood so seeing him without his facial piercing is like a slap on their faces.

Nothing to be worried about

However, critics believe that the disappearance of the lip ring of Luke Hemmings is just temporary.

Apparently, Luke has been seen in the past not to wear such mark too. And it came back with a vengeance sometime in April 2015.

That’s in addition to the fact that people do take out their piercings every once in a while. He may not be feeling at ease wearing the lip ring that day or those days. Or maybe it got infected or maybe he was just utilizing that break in between shows to its full potentials.

Whatever the reason was, it is almost sure that Luke Hemmings decision to remove his lip ring is most likely temporary.

But what is not temporary is the reaction of the 5SOS fans to it because they feel that the lip ring symbolizes love, life, or basically half of Hemmings’ personality.

Effect on their concert tour

It is still not clear if the removal of the lip ring of Luke Hemmings shall have an effect or negative impact on the continuation of their “Sounds Live Feels Live” concert tour in Europe this week beginning in Vienna, Austria on May 12 all the way to Madrid, Spain on June 11, notes the Australia Network News.

After June 11, 5SOS will be heading back to the United States for the North American leg of their concert tour for this year.

Last month, Luke Hemmings came to the defense of his girlfriend Arzaylea when she had her usual social media bout against fans and other artists on social media. After months of simply allowing Aryzalea to take the hit, Luke Hemmings seems to have found the courage to stand by his girl.

As such, a number of fans of 5SOS started to get upset with Luke as well because of what he did for Arzaylea.

It seems as if the tolerance limit of Luke Hemmings on the criticisms by 5SOS fans on Arzaylea has already been breached that he decided to finally intervene.

Luke Hemmings

Hemmings got upset when one fan branded Arzaylea as the band’s groupie, which actually has some sexual connotations to it. The comments really riled up Luke that he reportedly sent a message directly to the fan who made the comment.

The 5SOS fan apparently sent a message to Hemmings and asked him to leaveArzaylea because the girl is a crusty ass and that she is sick to see her all the time with the band.

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  1. I think that whatever Luke does is cool with me its his life and his decision on what he does so stop being rude and grow up being rude will not only get you hate but… it will also cause loss of friend ship form other people and I am a BIG fan of 5SOS but I dont hate them for changing their look or anything I like them for who they are or what they do so quit being rude and GROW UP!!!

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