Luke Hemmings Fans Upset that their Idol Suddenly Takes Out His Trademark Lip Ring, More Details!

Luke replied that she should stop being rude because it does not look good. He added that she should be nice to people because being rude makes her look like a bad person.

He also posted a message on his social media accounts asking people to stop being rude and not spread negativity because it is not good.

Fans of the 5SOS have been very vocal about their dislike for the relationship of Luke and Arzaylea ever since it became public in December last year.

While Luke Hemmings and his girlfriend Arzaylea have officially admitted to the public that they have been dating since late last year, many fans of Luke and the 5SOS have been expressing their dislike for the self-proclaimed social media influencer.

Fans have been calling Arzaylea as an attention-getter. She has also been an obstacle for the fans to see more of Luke without her.

Some of them have also been accusing Arzaylea of using Hemmings to gain fame and publicity and dubbed her as a gold digger in the social circuit.

Their dating began during the 5SOS North American concert tour in the second half of last year as Arzaylea is from Texas. She has been joining the concert tours of 5SOS last year and also this year outside of the US.

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  1. I think that whatever Luke does is cool with me its his life and his decision on what he does so stop being rude and grow up being rude will not only get you hate but… it will also cause loss of friend ship form other people and I am a BIG fan of 5SOS but I dont hate them for changing their look or anything I like them for who they are or what they do so quit being rude and GROW UP!!!

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