‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 15 to See Kate Beckett Discovering the Truth About an NYPD Academy Killer!

Rick informed his wife about the murder case by telling her that a body has been found in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The episode also featured the headquarters of the Greatest Detective Society. Rick met with Mason and his team in the GDS’ secret hideout, where they perused on the piece of paper which contained clues to the murder case.

While Castle was in LA, Kate, Jon Huertas’ Esposito, and Seamus Dever’s Ryan stayed behind in New York’s 12th precinct. Hayley, played by Toks Olagundoye, joined Rick in LA during the episode to help him out with the murder case as she also interacted with Frost.

In episode 13, Hayley saved Rick and Kate from being killed with the help of Molly Quinn’s Alexis. The former MPS cop was able to find the couple’s location before a man could shoot them.

Also during the 13th episode, entitled “And Justice for All,” a night-time zookeeper and an ESL student were found dead in a pit of poisonous snakes.

The situation prompted Castle, who was suffering from writer’s block then, to ask Beckett for help. Castle then goes undercover as an ESL student to get information on the case. Beckett’s team also found out that one of the victims was not as purely as innocent as he seemed to be.


  1. The destruction of Castle, the series, began with 6×23. During this episode the Caskett wedding was delayed (but quickly put back in order) and it was the beginning of long story lines that drug on for months and years with no real activity. These story lines resulted in the viewers getting bored in the waiting and started watching other programs.

  2. Forgot to mention earlier but Hayley did not “save” Castle and Beckett in episode 13. Caskett had already disarmed and captured the killer before Ryan and Espisito (sent by Hayley) arrived on the scene. Beckett mentioned that R & E “rescued” Caskett but all that R & E did was to open the door that let them out of the trap. Of course Caskett could have gotten out own their own if R & E had not arrived.

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